Dr Danielle Kennedy

Senior Research Scientist

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Dr Danielle Kennedy is a Senior Research Scientist and Team Leader at CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship and is a manager of the Rapid Automated Materials & Processing (RAMP) centre in CSIRO.

Dr Kennedy obtained her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia 2007. In 2008 Dr Kennedy received a CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive postdoctoral fellowship which she undertook in the division of Molecular and Health Technologies (now part of the Manufacturing Flagship).

Dr Kennedy is coupling automated robotic techniques, rapid screening methods and Synchrotron characterisation to fast track materials discovery in porous and catalytic nanomaterials.
This high-throughput research platform allows the study of more examples of materials classes than ever before allowing us to make more considered investigations and gain broader understanding of the nature of the materials studied, tackling bigger research challenges like protein crystallisation, theranostic materials and catalysts.

Dr Kennedy also works on the development of catalysts which improve the energy efficiency and economics of the production of commodity chemicals.

She developed a suite of methods which make up a high-throughput workflow for the rapid development and screening of a large variety of catalytic materials, ionic liquids and metal-organic frameworks, sol-gel materials and catalysts.

She has played a key role in developing a multi-platform capability that has greatly improved the productivity of materials research.

The multi-platform capability couples mathematical design of experiments, robotic synthesis and synchrotron based characterisation.

This has led to materials research which previously would have taken years is now undertaken in a few weeks.

Current Roles

  • Former Project Leader- remaining research interest
    Ammonia and CO2 Catalysis

  • Former Project Leader- remaining research interest
    Research Intensification

  • Former Project Leader- remaining research interest
    high throughput catalyst and metal organic framework material development

  • Former Project Leader- remaining research interest
    Protic Ionic Liquids

Academic Qualifications

  • 2007

    PhD Chemistry
    University of New South Wales


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