Dr Lilly Lim-Camacho

Research Scientist


Dr Lilly Lim-Camacho is a research scientist focused on encouraging communities and organisations to mitigate and adapt to climate change through communication and engagement. Her research involves assisting multiple stakeholders to understand, plan for and adapt to climate change risk, particularly through a value chain approach.

Science and Professional Areas

  • value chains
  • supply chains
  • agribusiness
  • climate adaptation
  • science communication

Current Roles

  • Project LeaderAdaptive value chain approaches
  • Engagement LeaderAdaptNRM: National Impacts and Adaptation for Natural Resource Management Groups
  • ResearcherAustralian Primary Industries Transforming

Academic Qualifications

  • PhDUniversity of Queensland2003
  • Bachelor of ScienceUniversity of the Philippines1999

Contact information


  • +61 7 3327 4730