Dr Richard Matear

Chief Research Scientist

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I'm a biogeochemical modeller and leader of the Decadal Variability and Carbon Modelling team. My research is focused on climate, carbon cycling and biogeochemical modelling.


  • Tertiary: B.Eng. Geophysics (with distinction), University of Saskatchewan, Canada, 1987.

  • Post-graduate: M.Sc. Geophysics (with distinction), University of British Columbia, Canada (supervisors W. Hsieh and W. Large), 1989.

  • Ph.D. Oceanography, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1993 (supervisor Dr C.S. Wong).

Work History

2017 Decadal Climate Forecasting project leader
2016 Acting Research Director, Ocean and Climate Dynamics, CSIRO
2013 Team Leader of the Decadal variability and carbon modelling, CSIRO
2012 Team Leader of the Biogeochemical Modelling, CSIRO
2011 Team Leader of the Earth System Modelling, CSIRO
2010- QMS coordinator for CSIRO
2008- Senior Research Scientists in the Earth System Modelling group, CSIRO
2007 Research Group Leader of Ocean Prediction and Processes Research Group, CMAR
2005-7 Deputy Stream Leader of the Climate Modelling and System processes, CMAR
2001 Biogeochemical Cycles Project Area Leader, CMR
2001 Principal Research Scientist, CMR
1996 Research Scientist, CSIRO.
1995 Research Associate, Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, Canada
1994 Post Doctorial Fellow, Institute of Ocean Science, Sidney, Canada.
1993 Post Doctoral Fellow — Joint Program for Ocean Dynamics, Victoria Canada.

National and International Science Leadership (2005-present)
2015 Member of the international scientific steering committee for the Oceans in a high CO2 world meeting
2015 Scientific assessor of New Zealand industry proposals
2014 Contributor to the Marine Strategic Science Plan
2013- Member of the Advisory Board of the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre run by the International Atomic Energy Agency
2011-15 Member of the IMBER-GODAI working group on BGC data assimilation
2010- Member of the SOLAS-IMBER Ocean Acidification Working Group
2009- Participant in the Marine Ecosystem Model Inter-Comparison Project
2009 Participant in the Australian Academy of Science Earth System Science Planning workshop 2008 Member of the Antarctic Research Assessment Committee – physical sciences
2007 Australia representative on the Sustain Indian Ocean Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Research (SIBER) working group
2007 Member of the IMBER-GODAI working group
2005- Deep Sea Research Associate Editor
2005-9 International Scientific Advisor to the European CARBOOCEAN project (5 year 50Million Euro project)

Other Interests

appreciation of good whiskey

Fields of Research

Current Roles

  • Supervisor
    PhD Student L. Lialoi

  • Supervisor
    PhD Student P. Buchanan

  • Supervisor
    PhD Student S. Schroeter

Academic Qualifications

  • 1993

    Phd Oceanography
    University of British Columbia


We have publications by Dr Richard Matear
For more publications, please see Google Scholar: richard.matear@gmail.com Researcher ID: C-5133-2011