Prof Stephen Rose

Pronunciation: (Pronunciation: Professor Stephen Rose)

Senior Principal Research Scientist


Research Profile:
Prof Rose is a Senior Principal Research Scientist within CSIRO – Health & Biosecurity. He leads the clinical imaging research program within the Bioimaging Informatics Group (BIG), one of the leading national medical image analysis laboratories. Prof Rose is also an honorary Principal Research Fellow within the UQ Centre for Clinical Research and is the acting Director of the newly established $25M Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF) located at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. His major research interests are in the development of novel MRI and PET molecular imaging technology relating to neurodegenerative and brain development disorders, neuro-oncology applications and developing novel bioinformatics platforms to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes.

Track record:
During this career, Prof Rose has made a significant contribution to obtaining competitive funding for 10 NMHRC project grants ($8M), grants from the ARC and various Research foundations ($8M), State Government Innovation Fund ($4M) and the international pharmaceutical industry ($10.5M). A/Prof Rose is currently supervising 8 PhD students and a team of postdoctoral fellows in the fields of advanced imaging processing, stoke, cerebral palsy, neuro-oncology, Alzheimer’s disease. He has published more than 180 manuscripts in international peer reviewed journals. In terms of general citation indices, his work has been cited 5096 times and his h-index is 33. He has published 74 manuscripts in the last five years, of which 19 papers have been published in clinical or imaging journals with an impact factor 4. In terms of research translation he has four patents in MRI technology. Prof is an invited member of the NHMRC Grants Review Panel (2010-2015).

Fields of Research

  • Image Processing (080106)
  • Health Informatics (080702)
  • Medical Physics (029903)
  • Radiology and Organ Imaging (110320)
  • Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases (110904)
  • Cancer Diagnosis (111202)
  • Paediatrics (111403)
  • Mental Health (111714)

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Researcher ID C-8044-2009

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  • +61 7 3253 3620
  • +61 477 761 175 (Mobile)

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