Dr Dave Williams

Executive Director- Digital, National Facilities And Collections

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Dr David Williams is a member of the CSIRO Executive Team and is CSIRO's Executive Director CSIRO Digital, National Facilities & Collections - a role that sees him lead the following lines of business and national facilities:
* Data 61
* Astronomy and Space Science
* Australian Collections
* Information, Management & Technology
* Australian Animal Health Laboratory
* Australian Telescope National Facility
* Marine National Facility

Dr Williams also leads National Biological Collections and major national infrastructure. CSIRO hosts the National Research Infrastructure on behalf of the scientific community to assist with the delivery of research, some of these include:
* Marine Research Vessel
* Pawsey Supercomputer
* Australian National Insect Collection (Canberra)
* Australian National Herbarium (Canberra and Cairns)
* Australian National Wildlife Collection (Canberra)
* Australian Tree Seed Centre (Canberra)
* Australian National Fish Collection (Hobart)
* Australian National Algal Culture Collection (Hobart)
* ATLAS of Living Australia

He commenced in this role on 1 July 2014.

Prior to his CSIRO role, Dr Williams was the Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Space Agency which funds UK involvement in civil space programs from the science of the universe to broadcast satellite developments.

Dr Williams has extensive experience in international negotiations.

His responsibilities included:
* the introduction of a strategy setting out the long-term role for UK space
* the relocation of the agency out of London
* the establishment of complementary European Space Agency (ESA) and National facilities at Harwell, England.

Dr Williams was also involved in setting up bilateral arrangements with a number of countries and has extensive experience in international negotiations.

As the Chairman of the European Space Agency from June 2012, Dr Williams was responsible for leading the 20-nation council executive body that oversaw the ESA.