Dr Kristen Williams

Group Leader (Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation)

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Currently Research Group Leader within the Biodiversity, Ecosystem Knowledge and Services Program of the CSIRO Land and Water Flagship, based at Black Mountain, Canberra ACT.

Dr Kristen J Williams leads a multidisciplinary group of scientists within a program of research focussed on a sustainable Australia where biodiversity prospers and ecosystems meet the needs of all people.

Dr Williams joined CSIRO in 2003, following five years with the Queensland Government in applied forestry and biodiversity conservation research and planning roles. This included co-developing and implementing the State's bioregional biodiversity planning assessment program.

Dr Williams research is enriched by her early career experience in field botanical survey, quantitative ecological analysis, species distribution modelling, and biodiversity conservation assessment and planning. In Tasmania, her work underpinned a representative system of conservation reserves for dry sclerophyll forests.

She is recognised for delivery of knowledge products, and their adoption by government and non-government agencies, that have advanced biodiversity conservation, land management policies and investment priorities.

Dr Williams' research aims to incorporate system understanding of ecosystems and the environment into land evaluation and spatial prioritisation assessments, supporting more enduring biodiversity planning and conservation policy decisions when coupled with a participatory process.

Other Interests

See my research impact online at: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-9941-2008

See my LinkedIn career profile online at: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/kristen-williams/29/257/a41

Academic Qualifications

  • 1998

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    University of Tasmania Hobart

  • 1991

    Bachelor of Science (BScHons) First Class
    University of Tasmania Hobart

  • 1981

    Biological Science (laboratory) Technician Certificate
    South Australia Institute of Technology, Adelaide

  • 2009

    Geographic Information Systems Professional – Asia-Pacific (GISP-AP, 2009-2014)
    Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, Canberra

Professional Experiences

  • Sep 2014-current

    Group Leader (Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation)
    CSIRO Land and Water Flagship, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Knowledge and Systems Research Program (Black Mountain, ACT)

  • Oct 2013 -Sep 2014

    Team Leader Integrated Ecology
    CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Ecology Program (Black Mountain, ACT)

  • Jul 2011 -Jun 2014

    Focal Research Area Coordinator Terrestrial Landscape Futures
    CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, Managing Species and Natural Ecosystems Research Theme (Black Mountain, ACT)

  • Jul 2011-Jun 2014

    Senior Research Scientist
    CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Ecology Program (Black Mountain, ACT)

  • May 2009 -Jun 2011

    Research Scientist (Ecological Geographer)
    CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Agricultural Landscapes Program (Gungahlin, ACT)

  • Jan 1999-Dec 2000

    Visiting Research Fellow
    Faculty of Science, Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane)

  • May 2003-Apr 2009

    Research Scientist (Ecological Geographer) and Team Leader (Systematic Conservation Planning)
    CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Tropical Landscapes Program (Brisbane and Atherton, Qld)

  • Feb 2003-Apr 2003

    A/Coordinator, Threatened Species and Ecosystems, Conservation Sciences
    Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency, Forestry and Wildlife Division (Brisbane)

  • Mar 2001-Feb 2003

    Principal Biodiversity Planning Officer
    Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency, Planning Division (Brisbane)

  • Mar 1998-Feb 2001

    Senior Forest Modeller, Forest Ecosystem Assessment
    Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources (Brisbane)

  • Nov 1997 -Feb 1998

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    University of Tasmania (Hobart)

  • 1991-1996

    Field Botanical Consultant
    Self Employed (part-time), Tasmania

  • 1991-1994

    Tutor, 1st Year Plant Science Laboratory Practicals
    University of Tasmania (Hobart)

  • 1985-1991

    Field Botanist, Conservation Project Officer (various roles)
    Tasmanian Government: Forestry Commission, National Parks and Wildlife Service (Hobart)

  • 1979-1981

    Biology and Chemistry Field and Laboratory Technician
    South Australian Teachers College / University of South Australia (Adelaide)


We have publications by Dr Kristen Williams
For more publications, please see Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=uijF8zsAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao Researcher ID: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-9941-2008 ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-7324-5880