Dr Christine O'Keefe

Research Scientist

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Christine O'Keefe is a Research Scientist in CSIRO Data61, and is Adjunct Professor in Mathematics at the University of Adelaide.

Christine's research focusses on methods to address the balance between allowing data access and use with protecting privacy and confidentiality of people and organisations represented in data. As an example, Christine has contributed to the design and implementation of remote analysis systems as well as measures of disclosure risk, information loss and data utility. She has been recognised with a Newton Turner Career Award 2010, awarded to exceptional senior scientists in CSIRO.

Christine has held roles in CSIRO including: Research Director, Research Programme Leader, Operations Director and Theme Leader. In addition, Christine was the founding Director of the Population Health Research Network Centre for Data Linkage, and Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University. Christine is a Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society and the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, and an Associate of the Confidentiality and Privacy Research Group at the University of Manchester (UK). Prior to joining CSIRO in 2000, Christine enjoyed an international research career in Finite Geometry and Information Security.

Christine has over 100 publications in refereed journals and conferences, across her fields of interest. Christine was awarded the 2000 Australian Mathematical Society Medal for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences and the 1996 Hall Medal of the Institute for Combinatorics and Applications for outstanding contributions to the field. In 2003 Christine was included on the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame Signature Quilt: A Patchwork of Empowerment.

Current Roles

  • Adjunct Professor, Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide
    Collaborative activities

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Australian National University

  • 1988

    Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) in Pure Mathematics (Finite Geometry)
    University of Adelaide

  • 1982

    Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons) in Pure Mathematics
    University of Adelaide

  • 1981

    Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences (BSc Math Sci)
    University of Adelaide

Achievements and Awards

  • 2016

    Simons Foundation Endowed Fellow, Isaac Newton Institute
    University of Cambridge

  • 2010

    Newton Turner Career Award, awarded to exceptional CSIRO senior scientists

  • 2008

    Sir Roland Wilson Prize, for leadership and outstanding results
    Australian National University

  • 2000

    Australian Mathematical Society Medal, for distinguished research
    Australian Mathematical Society

  • 1996

    Hall Medal, for outstanding contributions
    Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications

  • 2003

    Signature Quilt: A Patchwork of Empowerment
    National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame

  • 2000

    Elected Fellow
    Australian Mathematical Society

  • 1991

    Elected Fellow
    Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications


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