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Kathryn Batchelor is a Senior Research Technician at CSIRO specialising in plant, pollen and seed biology with a particular focus on species that are difficult to propagate in the laboratory. Traditionally trained as an entomologist, she spent a decade in the biological control of weeds, redistributing insects and pathogens associated with blackberry and bridal creeper across southern Australia. Kathryn is senior lab custodian maintaining a molecular and chemistry laborotory and experienced field surveyor currently managing a delimitation survey for bitou bush around a bulk freight port.

Other Interests

Trail riding, open water activities, beekeeping

Professional Areas

Current Roles

  • Project leader
    Delimitation survey for Bitou Bush

  • Senior laborotory technician
    Flying fox diet genomics

  • Molecular Laborotory custodian
    General managment of people, stock chemcials, supplies and equipment

Academic Qualifications

  • 1996

    Bachelor of Agricultural Science
    University of Adelaide

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2007-2017

    Weeds Society of Western Australia - Treasurer

  • 2006-2007

    Weeds Society of Western Australia - President

  • 1996-2005

    Weeds Society of Western Australia - Committee member

  • 1996-2005

    Environmental Weeds Action Network - Committee member

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