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Muneera Bano is an award-winning scholar and impassioned advocate for gender equity in the STEM fields. In 2019, she was awarded the title of ‘Most Influential Asian-Australian Under 40,’ an absolute honour and recognition of her exceptional work and remarkable achievements. As a 'Superstar of STEM' and member of the ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ committee for Science and Technology Australia, Muneera is dedicated to breaking down societal barriers and reshaping attitudes towards scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Muneera's leadership and commitment to promoting inclusion and diversity in STEM have been recognized globally. In 2021, she was honoured by the Government of Pakistan as an under-40 leader in science and innovation, including in the 'Foreign Minister's Honour List'. She is celebrated for her extraordinary contributions to science and innovation, and her pioneering efforts in advancing equity and inclusion in STEM in Australia. Muneera's deep-rooted commitment to diversity and inclusion has led her to champion women in STEM fields. She is a sought-after speaker, accomplished writer, and vocal advocate for #WomenInSTEM.

Throughout her career, Muneera has garnered numerous accolades for her work, including being a finalist for 'Google Australia’s prestigious Anita Borg Award for Women in Computer Science', Asia-Pacific 2015. She was also the recipient of Schlumberger’s esteemed Faculty For The Future (FFTF) Award for Women in STEM in 2014 and 2015. She earned the ‘Distinguished Research Paper Award’ at the International Requirements Engineering Conference in 2018 for her work in Educational Pedagogies for Requirement Engineering. In recognition of her contributions, Muneera was granted the Dr. John Yu Fellowship for ‘Cultural Diversity and Leadership’ at Sydney University in 2019, and the ‘Pathways to Politics’ leadership program by Melbourne University in 2021.

Muneera graduated with a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2015. Since then, she has held positions as a post-doctoral researcher and ‘Learning and Teaching Adjunct’ at UTS. Her focus is on the intersection of computers and humans, specifically exploring ways to engineer technology to better serve people's needs. Muneera has authored nearly 50 articles in prestigious international journals and conferences within the software engineering field. Her passion and interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Diversity and Inclusion guide her research in socio-technical domains of software engineering that focus on human-centered technologies. Currently, she serves as a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO's Data61, focusing on projects related to responsible AI and promoting diversity and inclusion within the AI field.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    Ph.D. Software Engineering
    University of Technology Sydney

  • 2019

    Cultural Diversity and Leadership - Dr John Yu Fellowship
    Sydney University

  • 2022

    Graduate Certificate for Higher Education (Teaching and Learning)
    Deakin University

  • 2022

    Pathways To Politics (Certification)
    Melbourne University

  • 2022

    Multicultural Communities Leadership in Action Program (Certification)
    Victorian Multicultral Commission

Achievements and Awards

  • December 2018-July 2021

    Superstars of STEM
    Science & Technology Australia

  • September 2019-September 2019

    Overall Winner Under-40 Most Influnetial Asian-Australian Leader
    AsiaLink, Melbourne Unviersity, ANU

  • 14 August 2021-14 August 2021

    Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Honour List
    Pakistan Foreign Office

  • November 2021-November 2021

    Muslim Women in STEM - Australia
    Muslim Women Acknowledging Women

  • March 2023-March 2023

    Women of Influence
    Urban Vegas - International Women's Day 2023

Professional Experiences

  • November 2019-July 2022

    Senior Lecturer Software Engineering
    Deakin University

  • August 2017-November 2019

    Lecturer Software Engineering
    Swinburne University of Technology

  • October 2015-June 2017

    Post-doc researcher/Research Associate
    University of Technology Sydney