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Dr Olly Berry

Research Director


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Olly is a principal research scientist and leads CSIRO's Environomics Future Science Platform. This is a research and development program inventing new ways to support environmental science and management through genomic technologies.

A unifying theme in Olly’s research is the use of DNA and “genomics” to provide scientific insights that support environmental management. Over the past 15 years Olly has researched such diverse topics as the ecology of fox control, change in marine food-webs, the evolution of bizarre subterranean creatures, the relationship between farming and biodiversity and more.

Olly’s work has provided several important technical innovations in applied ecological research, has been featured in university textbooks, and informed government policy.

The highlight of Olly’s role as director of the Environomics FSP is working with a motivated, collaborative, diverse and multidisciplinary team – and seeing their hard work and clever thinking pay off with the creation of innovative new ways to do environmental science.

Other Interests

Science outreach and education,
Natural history

Current Roles

  • Leader
    Environomics Future Science Platform

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2012-2018

    Scientists in Schools