Dr Patrick Buerger

OCE Postdoctoral Fellow - Science

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Patrick Buerger is a postdoctoral researcher with CSIRO's Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform and the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on climate change and anthropogenic impacts on coral reef ecosystems. Using genetic engineering and a range of Omics technologies, he investigates the thermal resilience of algal symbionts in corals.
Patrick completed his PhD in Marine Science at James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. His work highlighted viruses as potential contributors to and mitigators of the coral black band disease and white syndrome.
Prior to his research in Australia, Patrick obtained an MSc in Tropical Marine Ecology at the University of Bremen and a BSc in General Biology at the Ruhr-University of Bochum.
Patrick is passionate about innovative technologies that improve environmental conservation and science communication.

Current Roles

  • OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

Academic Qualifications

  • 2017

    PhD Marine Science
    James Cook University, Australian Institute of Marine Science

  • 2011

    MSc Tropical Marine Ecology
    University of Bremen

  • 2009

    BSc General Biology
    University of Bochum


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