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Jieshan is currently a research scientist, a team leader of UI intelligence subteam and the deputy lead of immersive AI cluster, at CSIRO's DATA61. Jieshan obtained her PhD degree in computer science from the Australian National University in 2022, under the supervision of Zhenchang Xing and Chunyang Chen.

Her work lies in the fields of software engineering, deep learning, and human computer interaction. By understanding the semantics of user interfaces, she aims to ensure the development of responsible software by design using responsible AI techniques. Her works can benefit different stakeholders, including designers, developers, and end-users. She is currently working on deceptive pattern detection, data visualisation, UI code generation, UI design search and generation, and mobile application accessibility enhancement.

Jieshan has published many papers at top-tier conferences and journals, including ICSE, ASE, ESEC/FSE, CHI, UIST, TOSEM. She obtained an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE2020. She also frequently serves as a program committee for prestigious conferences and journals like ICSE, ASE.

Please see more details in her CV.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2022

    PhD, Computer Science
    Australian National University

  • 2018

    BA (Hons) of Science, Statistics
    Sun Yat-Sen University

Achievements and Awards

  • 2023-2023

    Women in Science
    Data61 Software and Computational Systems Program

  • 2020-2020

    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

Current Roles

  • Research Scientist
    Software Systems Group, SCS, CSIRO's Data61

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