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Dr Bruce Deagle

Principal Research Scientist


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Bruce is a principal research scientist who joined the CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC) in 2020. His research aims to build on the existing genetic/ecological capabilities within the ANFC team and to build new research linkages. He is particularly interested in development and application of environmental DNA tools to study fish biodiversity, and applied genetic approaches for fish conservation and management.

Bruce completed his MSc degree in Canada and worked on Pacific salmon population genetics at Fisheries and Oceans Canada before moving to Australia. He did a PhD at the University of Tasmania (graduated in 2006), working on genetic approaches to study the diet of top level marine predators (seals and penguins). Following his PhD, he spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Victoria (Canada) studying the evolutionary genetics of threespine stickleback fish. He then moved to the Australian Antarctic Division (Tasmania) first as postdoc and eventually leading the ecological genetics group there (2011-2020).

More research details can be found at this Research Website

Current Roles

  • CSIRO Science Leader
    Research on fish environmental DNA and genomics

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