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Dr Christopher Davies

Team Leader


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Completed honours and PhD in the Biochemistry Department Adelaide University 1988. My thesis dealt with the molecular biology of plant pathogenic RNAs, including self-cleaving RNAs. I was then fortunate to complete a three year post doctoral term in Sir David Baulcombe's laboratory at the Sainsbury Laboratory studying various aspects of plant virus biology. Following this I obtained a position with CSIRO in North Ryde where my interest in fruit began with the study of tomato fruit development. After relocation to the Waite Campus in 1993 the focus remained mainly of fruit development with the study of grape berry development at the molecular and whole organ level. A wide range of aspects have been studied but recent work has focused on developing an understanding of what controls ripening and how this might be manipulated to solve industry problems, such as those resulting from climate change.

Current Roles

  • Team Leader, RP2 Breeding Higher Value Crops, Wine Grapes and Horticulture
    Lead a research team studying fruit development/ripening to solve industry problems

Academic Qualifications

  • 1983

    Adelaide University

  • 1984

    BSc Hons (1st class)
    Adelaide University

  • 1988

    Adelaide University

Achievements and Awards

  • 2013

    Research Acheivement Award

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • Management Rep OH&S Waite Campus


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