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Dr Joel Dabrowski

Senior Research Scientist


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Joel Dabrowski is part of the ‘Hybrid Prediction’ team in Data61, CSIRO, Australia. His key research areas are deep learning, Bayesian modelling, and physics informed machine learning. He has experience in applying these approaches to problems in fields such as agriculture, aquaculture, weather monitoring, environment modelling, bushfire modelling, and plastic waste. Dabrowski spent 10 years working in industry as an embedded engineer before he obtained his PhD in Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 2015. Before joining the CSIRO in 2017, he was a senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2015

    PhD in Engineering
    University of Pretoria

  • 2011

    Honours in Electronic Engineering
    University of Pretoria

  • 2006

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    University of Johannesburg

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