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Ritaban is a Senior Research Scientist and Project Leader at CSIRO's Data61, currently conducting Predictive Analytics research in the field of Sleep Apnoea and Advance Manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

Ritaban is the current Editor of the MDPI Agriculture Special Issue "Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture".

Since 1999 he is undertaking research and development in all aspects of Data Science, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Sensor Instrumentation, and Knowledge Representation. In 2004 he was awarded PhD in Engineering from University of Warwick, one of UK’s elite universities.

Ritaban has published more than 150 papers in refereed journals and refereed international conferences. During his time in industry he had also co-authored and presented 90+ Technical/Client Reports. Ritaban's publications could be found at Publications.
Ritaban pioneered the application of a Cognitive Biomedical Electronic Nose system for rapid bacterial infection detection in an UK NHS hospital environment “BBC News". His "paper" published in Biomedical Engineering journal has over 31,000 accesses as recorded until Sept 2019.

Over the years he has managed several industrial and European Union funded R&D projects and actively took part in scientific innovation, before joining CSIRO in 2012.
Since 2012 while at CSIRO he successfully managed and conducted Data Analytics and Machine Learning research in the field of Environmental Analytics, Impact of Climate Change, Digital Agriculture and Crop Yield Prediction.

In 2013, he published an article in Nature Scientific Reports on novel application of Deep Learning for Continental Scale Bushfire Hot-Spot Prediction. In 2016, Ritaban reported that frequency of Australian bushfire is increasing in an article published in a prestigious Royal Society journal. This important research on environmental analytics has been downloaded heavily world-wide and also created 36 news stories from 23 outlets.

In January 2017 he founded “" as a privately owned Agri-Tech Partnership, partnering with over 100 Agri-business and research institutes globally. i-ekbase is an easy to use fully automated geographic information system (GIS), created by Ritaban and his team at CSIRO (between 2012-16), primarily focusing on precision agricultural applications, automatically integrating data from various satellites with local weather data, farmers knowledge and applying machine learning techniques to create a data driven future for the next generation digital agriculture.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    PhD in Engineering
    School of Engineering, Warwick University, Coventry, UK.


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