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Mr Roy Deng

Senior Experimental Scientist


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Other Interests

Roy Deng is a fishery scientist with strengths at fishery model programming, spatial analysing and fishery data management. He has been primarily working on the development of stock assessment models, Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) models and the ecosystem models for Australia Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) and he is currently taking pivot roles in maintaining the models and conducting the annual NPF tiger prawn stock assessment. He has also involved in development of various other fishery and ecosystem related models including MSE model and Harvest control rules analysis for Torres Straight Rock Lobster fishery, MSE analysis for the NPF white banana prawns, the stock assessment model for NPF red-leg banana prawns and related red-leg banana prawn MSE model. He also takes over responsibilities to conduct the annual NPF pre-season fishery independent surveys results analysis to provide critical analytic results to support the project. Roy also is a major contributor to the CSIRO SESSF oracle database development/improvement. He helped successfully to transform some major processing procedures of the SESSF database from ACCESS database to ORACLE database. He also responsible for doing the SESSF fishery discards catch analysis. Roy has also contributed to the Flinders Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment (FGARA) and Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment (NAWRA) projects regarding to the analysis of the responses of the life history and production of the natural assets, such as prawns, fish and crocodiles from the pre-defined catchment flows metrics.

Current Roles

  • Leading Norther Prawn Fishery tiger prawn stock assessment
    Updating, maintaining stock assessment models, running stock assessment, collabarting with internal and external colleagures to report the outcomes to the stakeholders.

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