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Prof Raphael Didham



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Raphael Didham is a Professor of Ecology in the School of Animal Biology at the University of Western Australia, and he holds a joint research position at CSIRO Land & Water Flagship. His research focuses on the synergistic effects of multiple drivers of global change on biodiversity loss and ecological resilience within remnant natural ecosystems. Raphael works predominantly on terrestrial invertebrate communities, but has a wide range of research projects investigating human impacts on plant, invertebrate, bird and mammal communities across a range of tropical and temperate regions of the world. These projects are founded on a strong theoretical and empirical understanding of spatial variation in species diversity and the processes which promote and maintain resilience within species interaction networks. The outcomes of this research are of applied relevance to biodiversity conservation and the maintenance of ecosystem services in habitat remnants embedded within production landscapes. Ultimately the goal is to achieve more sustainable land-use development and promote sustainable climate adaptation strategies that better balance production versus biodiversity outcomes.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1996

    Imperial College London

  • 1992

    University of Canterbury, New Zealand

  • 1989

    University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Professional Experiences

  • 2009-current

    The University of Western Australia

  • 2000-2008

    Associate Professor
    University of Canterbury, NZ

  • 1997-1999

    Postdoctoral Research Associate
    University of Delaware, USA

Achievements and Awards

  • 2011-2015

    Future Fellowship (tier 3)
    Australian Research Council

  • 1993-1996

    Commonwealth Scholarship UK
    The British Council

Other highlights

  • 2013-current

    Associate Editor for Oecologia

  • 2007-current

    Editor-in-Chief for Insect Conservation and Diversity

  • 2000-current

    Associate Editor for Biodiversity and Conservation