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Mr Dave Fleming

Innovation Connections Facilitator - NSW


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Contact details:

PO BOX 330


Dave is an SME Innovation Facilitator for the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast region of NSW.

His role is to connect local companies with the technical expertise and start-of-the-art equipment available from research organisations (i.e. CSIRO and Australian universities). These connections can then lead to collaborative R&D projects to help companies develop their commercial innovations with the support of the research organisation.

Dave also assists companies connect to the relevant government funding and assistance programs, such as Innovation Connections, which provides eligible companies matching funding to support their R&D projects with these research organisations.

Dave has spent the past 13 years working in a technology transfer and research business development role for the University of Newcastle through the R&D company Newcastle Innovation Ltd. He also has worked in the private sector, undertaking business development and business management roles for multinational and local companies.