Dr Drewe Ferguson

Research Director

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Dr Ferguson is the Research Director for the Productive and Adaptive Livestock Systems Program within the Agriculture Flagship. Prior to this, he was a Theme Leader (1206 Optimising the Agri-food Value Chain) within the CSIRO Division of Animal Food and Health Sciences (2012-2014).
He is an animal scientist and has expertise in stress physiology, animal welfare, meat science, muscle biology and research management. His research interests include:
• developing objective measures of animal welfare.
• improving the fitness and adaptability of livestock in their production environments
• assessing the welfare outcomes in livestock in response to road and sea transport
• quantifying the effects of on-farm, pre-slaughter and post-slaughter factors on meat quality and developing solutions that mitigate negative effects.

Apart from serving on the Agriculture Flagship Executive, Dr Ferguson represents CSIRO on the Redmeat Co-investment RD&E Committee and he is a member of expert groups and committees responsible for the drafting of national animal welfare standards and guidelines.
Dr Ferguson is also the Site Leader of the FD McMaster Laboratory in Armidale and an adjunct Professor with the University of New England.

Current Roles

  • Site Leader
    FD McMaster Laboratory Chiswick, Armidale NSW

  • Research Director
    Productive and Adpative Livestock Systems


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