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Dr Drewe Ferguson

Post-retirement Fellow

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Dr Ferguson is a post-retirement fellow with CSIRO Agriculture and Food having retired in December 2020. Prior to that he held a number of senior research management roles including: Research Director - Livestock Systems Program, CSIRO Agriculture and Food (2014 - 2019) , Theme Leader - 1206 Optimising the Agri-food Value Chain) within the CSIRO Division of Animal Food and Health Sciences (2012-2014) and Deputy CEO - CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies (2008-2012).

He is an animal scientist with expertise in stress physiology, animal welfare, meat science, muscle biology and research management. His research interests include:
• developing objective measures of animal welfare.
• improving the fitness and adaptability of livestock in their production environments
• assessing the welfare outcomes in livestock in response to road and sea transport
• quantifying the effects of on-farm, pre-slaughter and post-slaughter factors on meat quality and developing solutions that mitigate negative effects.

Dr Ferguson has also represented CSIRO on a number of industry R&D committees and expert panels.

Current Roles

  • Post-retirement Fellow
    Livestock and Aquaculture Program, CSIRO Agriculture and Food