Dr George Feast

SME Collaboration Nation Lead

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George is the Kick-Start Program Manager in CSIRO SME Connect and is based in Clayton, VIC.

The CSIRO Kick-Start program is designed to help start-ups and very small businesses access dollar-matched funding to undertake a project with CSIRO. The program provides Kick-Start vouchers of up to $50k to assist eligible companies perform research, development or testing projects utilising CSIRO researchers, capabilities and facilities. George uses his and the SME Connect team's extensive networks, to locate the best researchers for each company looking to engage in research.

George began his career at CSIRO as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2011. His research interests lie in organic chemistry synthesis, nano-materials for drug delivery applications and high-throughput manufacturing techniques. Upon completion of his postdoc, George became a Research Scientist and joined Boron Molecular, as part of the Innovation Connections Program, to work on the commercial-scale synthesis of polymerisation reagents, before undertaking a further secondment at the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA). At PACIA, George set up a Strategic Relationship Agreement with CSIRO and connected industry members with research organisations to foster collaborations. Since joining SME Connect in 2016, George has been working on the establishment of the SIEF STEM+ Business program, as well as promoting the wide range of offerings the SME Connect team has to universities, research organisations and beyond. George also works on empowering early-career researchers to engage with SMEs to create innovation opportunities, for which SME Connect can provide financial assistance.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2011

    DPhil (PhD) Organic Chemistry
    University of Oxford

  • 2007

    MChem Chemistry
    University of Oxford


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