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International expertise in creating innovation opportunities and capabilities for large organisations across a variety of sectors including renewable energy, defence, oil & gas, education and retail

• Building corporate innovation programs including accelerators

• Conducting strategic analysis that involves emerging technologies

• Devising R&D strategies

• Managing research portfolios and partnerships

• Commercialising new products

Other Interests

Corporate innovation strategy

Jerad is currently helping stand up an end-to-end innovation system that CSIRO can deliver to large corporate entities to help them achieve greater impact using science and technology.
This system comprises 1) Strategic insights from CSIRO Futures to identify large innovation problems 2) Ideation, using our internal network, and our entire university system, to find unique solutions 3) Acceleration, using our expertise from running the nation's deeptech accelerators "ON" and "ON Prime" 4) Incubation of these formative technologies through applied R&D and 5) Commercialisation of new products.

Energy transition

Jerad remains optimistic that a zero-carbon energy future is within reach and a lot of experiences to have this opinion:

• As part of a strategic alliance between Mitsubishi, Battelle, and PETRONS (Malaysia’s state-owned oil and gas company) he contributed to the development of plans for a large biomass renewable energy laboratory. He developed $50M per annum R&D project portfolio and technology platform development plan for a 600 person, 55,000m2 biomass renewable energy research laboratory. He also supported the articulation the R&D agenda, and supported the development of product line delivery mechanisms to develop and commercialize high-value chemicals and fuels from significant biomass resources of Malaysia and equatorial regions.

• One of his first tasks when he joined CSIRO, was to create the Oil and Gas industry Roadmap - which argued that a longer-term perspective must embrace that oil and gas companies must become diverse energy companies that harness alternatives like solar and hydrogen to compete in the long term (and for the sake of our planet).

• His group, CSIRO Futures, has recently published a number of reports that provide thought leadership on our energy future including the Low Emissions Technology Roadmap, the National Hydrogen Roadmap, and the Oil and Gas Industry Roadmap.

Innovation management

Jerad has a long career of managing complex R&D projects. For over ten years with Battelle, the world’s largest independent R&D organisation, he had considerable research management experiences including: setting research strategy for new ventures, managing inter-disciplinary research teams, supervising R&D project portfolios, business development and managing executive-level relationships.

Some of his experiences include: Managing over $8M of contract research projects in areas ranging from fuel cells to corrosion prevention and new materials; Program-managed a $2M per annum R&D project portfolio on behalf of the US Air Force; Commercialised new products including $3M of environmental control systems; Managed a $4M lean redesign of an aircraft production facility; Contributed to a $500M winning bid to redesign the US Air Force’s largest maintenance facility.

Jerad has also completed a PhD on business-to-business collaboration in the development of complex products like oil and gas infrastructure his research from this period has generated numerous publications, including:

Industry publications related to innovation management

• Ernst & Young (2014), Adapt to Win: How Australian oil and gas companies improve productivity in challenging times. Perth.

• EY (2013). Delivering a step change in organisational productivity: Findings from the Australian Oil & Gas Productivity and Innovation Survey. Brisbane.

Academic publication related to innovation management

• Ford, J.A., Steen, J., Verreynne, M.-L., Limits to networking capabilities: Relationship trade-offs and innovation. Industrial Marketing Management. 74 (2018), Pages 50-64

• Steen, J., Ford J. A., Verreynne, M.-L. (2017). Symbols, sublimes, solutions and problems: A garbage can model of megaprojects. Project Management Journal. 48(6), 117–131.

• Ford, J.A., Steen, J., Verreynne, M.-L., (2014) How Environmental Regulations affect Innovation in the Australian Oil and Gas Industry: Going beyond the Porter Hypothesis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 81, 1-10

• Ford, J.A., Steen, J., Verreynne, M.-L., Marion, G., Farrel, B., Naicker, S., (2014). Confronting the productivity challenge in the high cost economy: Evidence from the Australian oil and gas industry, in: Roos, G., Kennedy, N. (Eds.), Succeeding in a High Cost Operating Environment. IGI Global, London.

Current Roles

  • Manager, CSIRO Futures
    Strategic Advisory Services

Academic Qualifications

  • 2001

    Bachelor of Science, Engineering Management
    Miami University, Ohio, USA

  • 2015

    PhD, Strategic Management
    The University of Queensland

Professional Experiences

  • 2015-2017

    EY Innovation Research Fellow
    The University of Queensland Business School

  • 2012-2015

    PhD Candidate
    The University of Queensland Business School

  • 2008-2012

    R&D strategy and technology platform manager
    Battelle Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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