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Ms Mariann Fee

Director, Strategic Relationship- Department of Defence, Defence Industry

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Mariann is an experienced CEO and business development manager, people leader and team builder. She has led in areas of commercialisation of technologies, education and consulting services in the research and higher education sectors at the University of Melbourne, University of Tasmania and at CSIRO.

Mariann has held senior management positions in higher education organisations and commercial enterprises since 1988 including Director, Tasmania TAFE International, Chief Executive Officer, Unitas Consulting Ltd, Executive Dean, Melbourne Consulting and Custom Programs, University of Melbourne, Chief Executive Officer, UoM Commercial Ltd and Executive Director Commercialisation, The University of Melbourne.

Mariann is currently Director of the CSIRO relationship with the Department of Defence and supports the organisations response to the broader Defence Industry. She supports business units and corporate functions to increase CSIRO readiness for, engagement in and delivery to this burgeoning sector. In this role she is influencing and educating CSIRO engagement as a key science and technology contributor in support of national security and development of Australian industrial capability as relates to sovereign capability

She has extensive experience in company leadership, international and domestic project development, management and delivery; particularly at the interface between private and public sectors. Her particular skills include leadership, innovation, new product development, governance, problem solving and implementation in ambiguous environments. A proven leader, with experience on Company and University Boards with significant success in envisioning, managing and producing outcomes at the ‘Industry/Higher Education/Research’ interface.