Mr Luke Grundy

Senior Experimental Scientist

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Luke Grundy is a Senior Experimental Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing working with the Carbon fibre team. Luke is responsible for the development and implementation of new technologies to improve the wet spinning of SIROPAN, polyacrylonitrile white fibre. He has developed novel polymer recovery systems for polyacrylonitrile batch and continuous reactors and mixing processes to efficiently convert the recovered polymers into spinnable dope solutions. Luke has an intimate understanding of the wet spinning process and has designed and implemented technologies on the CSIRO/Deakin wet spinning line that have resulted in significant improvements to the consistency and quality of the white fibre produced with increased productivity and reduced waste. With a major focus on safety Luke is leading a team to implement strategies and engineering solutions to reduce the risks to operators and improve the wet spinning processes. When not at work Luke lives an active lifestyle mountain biking and doing anything he can on the water with his family based in Anglesea.