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Dr Sarb Giddey

Principal Research Scientist, Group Leader


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Dr Sarb Giddey is the Group Leader of the Thermal and Electrochemical Technologies Group in the Energy Technologies Program at CSIRO Energy. The group performs R & D in the areas of hydrogen related technologies, battery storage, and biomass gasification processes, and renewable fuels based IC engines. Dr Giddey earlier led the Electrochemical Energy Systems Team from 2009 to 2018. This team performed exceptionally well under his leadership in terms of external engagements and publishing in peer-reviewed high impact journals. The team formed several external engagements (industrial projects over $3M with companies such as Orica, BCIA, Ceramic Oxide Fabricators, Energy Australia, Delta Energy, ATCO Gas), and strategic partnership with several universities.

He joined CSIRO in 1999 and has over 20 years R & D experience in high and low temperature electrochemistry and hydrogen related technologies. Dr Giddey has been involved with the development of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) based technologies (fuel cells and electrolysers) for the last fifteen years. He has strong interests in distributed energy generation and renewable sources of energy and more specifically integration of hydrogen / fuel cell / renewable energy systems. Prior to joining CSIRO, Dr Giddey did his post-doctorate at Monash University on high temperature aqueous corrosion of stainless steel heat exchangers. Dr Giddey has led a number of industrially focussed projects (Orica, ATCO Gas, Stand-alone PEM electrolyser for distributed renewable hydrogen production, oxygen generator for medical applications). The R & D performed in these projects have advanced the technologies from concept level to TRL 5-6, including patents granted in these areas. Dr Giddey was responsible for initiating and leading the initial work on ammonia synthesis with Orica that involved a multidisciplinary team across CSIRO’s different business units. The technology is now patented in several jurisdictions. Dr Giddey's work on PEM electrolysis has recently led to the formation of a spin-off company Endua in collaboration with Main Sequence Venture and Ampol, to commercialise this technology for distributed power for the off-grid / fringe of grid and remote applications.

Dr Giddey is member of several professional organisations such as Material Society of IEAust, NH3 Fuel Association, and has gained recognition in his area of expertise. He is a regular reviewer for several journals (Nature, Nature Scientific Reports, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, Ionics, Frontiers in Energy Research, Energy Conversion and Management, Energy and Environment, Fuel Cells, Biomass & Bioenergy, J. of Solid State Electrochemistry, Energy & Fuels) and has been invited to review overseas proposals for US, Israel and European government grants.

Dr Giddey has co-authored more than 70 journal publications (including 12 review articles), 3 granted patents, 9 patent applications (1 filed in 10 jurisdictions in 2017 with priority date in 2014 and 8 filed in 2008), 4 book chapters, numerous conference presentations (18 invited). He has 4000 citations, h-index: 27; i10-index: 53.