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Dr Shouryadipta Ghosh

CSIRO Early Research Career (CERC) Postdoctoral Fellow


Shouryadipta Ghosh is a CSIRO Early Research Career (CERC) Postdoctoral Fellow with 7+ years of experience in computational modelling of biological systems. As a part of CSIRO's Data61, he is developing multiscale models of different aspects of human digestion, including swallowing of food, emptying of stomach and bacterial interactions in the large intestine (gut microbiome).

Shouryadipta completed his PhD from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 2019. During the PhD, He examined changes in the organization of mitochondria within cells of hearts affected by diabetes. He showed that the spatial arrangement of mitochondria affects the energy distribution within the heart cells and thus the force of a heartbeat. His findings opened new avenues for therapies targeting mitochondria in diabetes-induced heart diseases.

Shouryadipta has multiple research publications spanning across areas like System Biology, Cardiac Physiology, Biomaterials, and Solid Mechanics. His broader career goal is to develop digital twins of cellular and organ-level systems that can be used for personalized medicine. Besides research, he enjoys teaching, developing VR/AR games and hiking with friends.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2019

    The University of Melbourne

  • 2014

    B Tech (Hons)
    IIT Bhubaneswar

Achievements and Awards

  • 2020-2023

    Early Research Career Postdoctoral Fellowship
    CSIRO's Data61

  • 2020-2020

    A/NZ Regional Winner, IBM Call for Code 2020 April Round

  • 2019-2019

    Article highlighted in PLOS Biologue (Editors-in-Chief’s selection of papers)
    Public Library of Science (PLOS)

  • 2017-2020

    Rector’s Exhibition
    Newman College, University of Melbourne

  • 2016-2016

    Online featured article
    American Journal of Physiology-Cell

  • 2016-2016

    Melbourne Abroad Travel Scholarship
    Melbourne School of Engineering

  • 2015-2019

    Melbourne International Research Scholarship
    University of Melbourne

  • 2013-2013

    IIT Summer Research Scholarship
    University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

Professional Experiences

  • Feb 2020-Aug 2020

    Computational Engineer
    Ageing Heart Atlas Project, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne

  • July 2014 -Feb 2015

    Cognizant Technology Solutions

  • May 2013-July 2013

    Visiting Research Student
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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