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Dr Steve Gao

Spatial Ecological Modeller


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Dr Sicong (Steve) Gao is a Research Scientist in CSIRO Environment’s Managing Water Ecosystems Group.

His research is to advance techniques to evaluate woody floodplain vegetation responses to drought and environmental flow actions. The focus of his research is to integrate new approaches involving remote sensing and measurement of evapotranspiration and advance understanding of floodplain ecosystem function across broad climatic zones and scales.

Other Interests

Dr Steve also focuses on radiative transfer model, sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF), ecological functions and their applications for detecting the vegetation responses to environmental stresses across various spatial and temporal scales.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2020

    PhD in Remote Sensing
    University of technology Sydney

Current Roles

  • Research Scientist
    Spatial Ecological Modeller

Professional Experiences

  • 2020-2023

    Research Fellow
    University of Canberra & CSIRO

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