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Dr Ben Hoffmann

Principal Research Scientist

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Dr Ben Hoffmann is a Principle Research Scientist with CSIRO Health & Biosecurity in Darwin, Northern Territory. His main research interests are invasion ecology, managing invasive species, and general community ecology especially for sustainable land management (bioindication), with a particular research focus on ants. His current work involves using the latest drone technology to conduct biosecurity operations, developing an ant identification App, developing species-specific genetic solutions (RNAi) for use against invasive ant species, and using metagenomics of coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros and the red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus to determine issues and solutions associated with their control. He collaborates with many local and regional organisations to effectively manage invasive ant incursions, especially on Indigenous lands. His current work includes overseeing eradication efforts on Norfolk Island, NE Arnhem Land and numerous locations throughout eastern Australia. Dr Hoffmann has published over 90 scientific papers, 4 book chapters, and written more than 40 reports. His work has been cited more than 3800 times. Dr Hoffmann is an invited member of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group, represents CSIRO on the National Biosecurity Management Consultative Committee, and is on the scientific advisory committees for multiple invasive ant eradication programs. He is an Australian contacts for the Australian-USA Joint Committee Meetings initiatives, and a member of the Pacific Invasives Partnership helping to drive biosecurity initiatives throughout the Pacific.

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    Research underpinning multiple ant eradication programs, technological advancement of biosecurity technologies, metagenomics addressing biosecurity issues.

  • Team Leader
    Leads the biosecurity research team in Darwin

  • Associate Editor
    Associate Editor of Austral Ecology, Ecological Management and Restoration, Bioinvasions Records, Bulletin of Entomological Research and the Northern Territory Naturalist

  • Representative
    Represent CSIRO on numerous Australian biosecurity committees and international initiatives (JCM, PIP, ISSG)

Academic Qualifications

  • 1996

    BSc (Hons)
    Northern Territory University

  • 2000

    Northern Territory University

Achievements and Awards

  • 2016

    Outstanding Collaboration Award

  • 2015

    Biodiversity Award
    United Nations Association of Australia

  • 2013

    Outstanding Team Award

  • 2009

    John Phillip Award for the Promotion of Excellence in Young Scientists

  • 2002

    Fresh Science Award
    National Science Forum

  • 2001

    Australian Academy of Science Award
    Australian Academy of Science

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2007-ongoing

    Christmas Island Scientific Advisory Panel

  • 2007-2011

    Scientific Advisory Panel to Brisbane fire ant eradication program

  • 2010-ongoing

    invited member, IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group

  • 2011-ongoing

    Associate Editor, Biodiversity and Conservation

  • 2012-ongoing

    Associate Editor, Ecological Management and Restoration

  • 2013-ongoing

    Associate Editor, Austral Ecology

  • 2013 -ongoing

    Associate Editor, Bulletin of Entomological Research

  • 2013-2016

    Associate Editor, Journal of Insects

  • 2014-2018

    member, Tramp Ant Consultative Committee

  • 2014-ongoing

    member, National Biosecurity Management Consultative Committee

  • 2016-ongoing

    Dhimurru Advisory Board

  • 2017-ongoing

    Associate Editor, Bioinvasion Records

  • 2018-ongoing

    member, Scientific Advisory Group to the RIFA program