Dr Brent Henderson

Acting Research Director - Analytics and Decision Sciences

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Brent Henderson is currently Acting Research Director for the Analytics and Decision Sciences (A&DS) Program within CSIRO Data61. With over 160 staff the program has the cutting-edge capability, scale and collaborative experience to deliver trusted and transformative analytics for industry, government and society. A&DS brings together the core research capabilities needed to make rational inferences and predictions from observations and/or models to better understand the world, and it develops methods which enable human decision-makers to use these to make efficient, informed and risk-based decisions. Its core skills are in the statistics, machine learning, computational modelling, optimisation, economics and financial mathematics, computational linguistics, and software engineering disciplines.

Brent has a background in statistical science and has been working at the interface of statistical science, risk analysis and environmental and agricultural challenges within Australia for almost 20 years. He has a broad interest in delivering integrated science and specifiic technical interests spatio-temporal modelling, monitoring and survey design, reconciling data with modelled observations, multivariate analysis, risk analysis and cumulative impact analysis.

Some of his recent projects and roles include:

  • CSIRO Science Director of Bioregional Assessments (http://www.bioregionalassessments.gov.au ) which delivered science based assessments of the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts and risks of coal mining and coal seam gas on water resources and water related assets; including ecological, economic and sociocultural assets in key regions in Eastern Australia.

  • Leading work in the area of on-farm experimentation through the Digiscape future science platform within CSIRO. The broad challenge in this area is help ensure that the explosion of digital data in agriculture is actively used in farmer-led decision making through a much stronger focus and coupling of the design and analysis.

  • Undertaking an ecological risk assessment for potential release of a carp virus in Australian waters to manage carp abundance and improve aquatic ecosystem health as part of the National Carp Control Plan https://www.carp.gov.au/

  • As a member of the leadership group for the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform https://research.csiro.au/mlai-fsp/