Dr Linda Hillbrick

Senior Experimental Scientist

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Linda Hillbrick completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Deakin University in chemistry and material science and has over 25 years’ experience in research and development, particularly in the wool textile field.
Linda joined CSIRO Division of the Textile Industry in 1986 as an analytical chemist, quantifying residual pesticides in wool grease. She soon found a passion for textile technology and joined the innovation and product development group. Linda’s research has been industry focused and directed at improving the performance of textiles and the development of new innovative products. In 1987 she became a member of the research team that pioneered Optim technology, a process that altered the structure of wool protein and gave wool different fibre characteristics. In 1993 and 1995 Linda was seconded to the International Wool Secretariat in Ilkley (UK) to transfer the OptimMax technology to European markets. This technology was commercialized and has been adopted by industry. She also has extensive experience in the processing, spinning, knitting and weaving of wool and has worked on projects such as Cool Merino, a process that makes wool fabrics feel cool to the touch, and Light Weight Fluid Fabrics, a modified spinning process designed to improve the opacity of light weight woven fabrics.
In 2013 Linda completed a PhD. Her thesis examined the softness of keratin fibres and focused on understanding how the mechanical and physical properties of fibres can influence their tactile properties. Currently her research interest has shifted away from natural fibres and is focused on carbon fibre. Her research spans the carbon fibre processing pipeline, from characterising the thermal properties of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) co-polymers, the wet spinning of PAN and characterising the mechanical properties of carbon fibre.
Linda has a track record of delivering project outcomes to industry partners and funding bodies and enjoys communicating with stakeholders and the science community. In 2016 Linda became a partner investigator for the ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres. Linda also currently serves on the CSIRO Manufacturing Consultative Catalyst Team (formally known as the junior leadership team) and has the role of CSIRO Manufacturing’s in-business coach for the Opportunity to Delivery project planning program.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1985

    Deakin University

  • 1989

    Honours (First Class)
    Deakin University

  • 2013

    Deakin University


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