Mr Mick Haywood

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Mr Haywood is a marine ecologist with CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, specialising in:

-impact assessments on shallow-water tropical marine demersal and benthic communities
-studying the effects of marine reserves on the distribution and abundance of fish and crustaceans
-habitat mapping
-juvenile ecology of penaeid prawns.

Recently, he has lead research studying the effect of zoning on key components of Moreton Bay ecosystems of the coast of Queensland. He has also led the ongoing assessment of shallow-reef communities in Papua New Guinea, investigating the impacts of mine waste disposal and fishing on the shallow water reef-fish and benthic communities near the Lihir gold mine. He continues to be part of research to identify threats to marine biodiversity of the Ningaloo World Heritage Area in Western Australia.

Mr Haywood has worked at CSIRO since 1986.
During this time he has published over 30 publications in refereed international scientific journals and authored more than 60 scientific reports.
He has extensive experience in non-destructive sampling techniques including Underwater Visual Census, the use of underwater video in mapping habitats and assessing demersal fish populations.
His skills include experimental design, GIS (geographic information systems) and statistics.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1981

    Bachelor of Science (Honours)
    James Cook University


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