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Dr Neil Huth

Research Scientist (Farming Systems)


Neil Huth is a farming systems researcher and team leader (“Farming and the Environment”) with CSIRO in Toowoomba. He has over 26 years’ experience in the development and use of simulation modelling for use in farming systems analysis to improve agricultural production, minimise environmental impacts and to provide decision support. During this time he has employed these skills to grains, sugarcane, grazing and horticultural systems across Australia, smallholder systems in Africa, and oil palm systems in Papua New Guinea. Neil has also led a portfolio of projects studying the interactions between broad scale coal seam gas developments and agriculture on the Darling Downs in Queensland. These projects investigated issues relating to farmer relations, economic impacts and opportunities, surface hydrology and erosion risk, and soil damage and rehabilitation. Neil’s current research focus is exploring the use of modern digital technologies to better inform agriculture, resource development, and banking to provide better economic and environmental outcomes.

Professional Experiences

  • 1991-present