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Dr Aaron Ingham commenced with CSIRO in 1996 as a Postdoctoral Fellow based at the Australian Animal Health Lab (AAHL) in Geelong before moving to Brisbane as a Research Scientist in 2002. Aaron was a Group Leader between 2009-2023 where he was responsible for a range of projects addressing animal health, welfare and resilience. Key project areas include the development of the Immune Competence trait (ImmuneDEX) and on animal sensing technologies such as the eGrazor, which can classify animal behaviour and health status in real time and estimate daily dry matter intake. Recently Aaron has stepped down from his Group Leader role to focus on advancing these key research areas. Aaron is the author of more than 90 research papers that have been cited over 3,500 times.

Earlier research, conducted at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong between 1996 and 2002, focussed on improving the health and welfare of production animals. Major scientific achievements over this time include development of a vaccine for controlling porcine pleuropneumonia, identification of factors that regulate fleece development, discovery of markers of disease resistant animals, development of an avian necrotic enteritis disease model, and the first reported in vivo activity of purified antimicrobial peptides for controlling bacterial infections.

Academic Qualifications

  • 1991

    Bachelor of Science
    University of Queensland

  • 1992

    BSc Honours (Class 1)
    University of Queensland

  • 1996

    Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Queensland