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Mr Ian Jameson

/e-an jame-son/

Director / Senior Experimental Scientist, Australian National Algae Culture Collection


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Contact details:

GPO BOX 1538


I took over the Directorship of ANACC in Dec 2016 after ANACC's previous Director and now Honorary Research Fellow Dr. Susan Blackburn. Prior to this I was the lead ANACC curator with 25 years broad expertise in phytoplankton taxonomy, ecology and microalgae culturing. For those in the algae research community and in bio-applied industries I am willing to help you engage with the resources in ANACC and am continually fascinated by the results and uses to which you put our strains.

Professional Experiences

  • 2001-2015

    Curator - ANACC

  • 1997-2000

    Cyanobacteria HAB Research Project (sponsor NEMP)

  • Jul 1995-Aug 1995

    Antarctic sea-ice phytoplankton
    Australian Antarctic Division

  • 1993-1997

    South-east Tasmania phytoplankton Monitoring
    University Tasmania

  • Dec 1992-Feb 1992

    Marine Science cruise - phytoplankton
    Australian Antarctic Division