Dr Brian Keating

Executive Director, Agriculture Food & Health

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Dr Brian Keating is the Executive Director of CSIRO's Agriculture, Food and Health Sector.

He directs research that is vital to the Australian economy, environment and society, including:
- agricultural and aqua-culture industries and related food and fibre value chains,
- linkages between food, nutrition and human health,
- biosecurity for agriculture, the natural environment and human health associated with emergent zoonotic disease, and
- the industries developing out of the broader application of the life sciences, including novel bioproducts.

In particular, CSIRO research in this Sector is responding to a strong demand for science-based solutions to major global challenges such as:
- food security and the need to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way,
- strong and sustainable industries and economies in rural regions,
- disease prevention in our aging population, and
- biosecurity including the threat of zoonotic diseases the development of novel and sustainable sources of energy and materials.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science with First Class Honours
    University of Queensland

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Queensland