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Dr Michael Kuiper

Biomolecular Modeller


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GPO BOX 1700


Michael is team leader of the Modelling and Simulation Team at Data61 of CSIRO, specializing in molecular simulation and visualization of proteins. Prior to joining, Michael worked at the Victorian Life Science Computation Initiative (VLSCI) supporting medical research as well as participating five seasons with the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) based in McMurdo and Palmer stations researching antifreeze proteins.

Current specific interests include large-scale protein molecular dynamics with small molecule and metabolite interactions as well as Augment reality visualization of biomolecular complexes.

Michael has additional interests in 3D printing, especially for prototyping and educational purposes as well as drone remote sensing and mapping, having obtained a remote pilots licence (RePL).

Other Interests

3D printing. -

Drone technology.

Virtual and Augmented reality.

Timelapse photography.

Current Roles

  • Bio-Molecular modeller
    Molecular simulations of protein complexes.

Professional Experiences

  • Jun 1992-Feb 1993

    Research Scientist
    Amrad Biotech

  • 1994-2003

    Antarctic Field scientist
    National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Jun 2003-Nov 2011

    Computational research scientist
    Victorian Partnership of Advanced Computing (VPAC)

  • Jan 2012-Aug 2017

    Computational research scientist
    VLSCI / Melbourne Bioinformatics

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