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Dr Naomi Kakoschke is a Research Scientist in the Human Health Program (Health & Biosecurity) at CSIRO, Adelaide. She leads human clinical trials aimed at substantiating the effects of nutritional products on brain health, including cognitive function, psychological wellbeing, and neurophysiology, in collaboration with industry partners. In addition to her work in clinical trials, Dr Kakoschke has a track record in cognitive function applied to the study of health behaviour change, with a particular focus on eating behaviour. In this area, she has led clinical studies examining the effectiveness of digital cognitive training techniques aimed at promoting healthier eating behaviour. She has also conducted experimental research into the influence of nutritional status on cognitive function. In 2017, Dr Kakoschke completed her PhD in Psychology at Flinders University (Adelaide) in which she focused on understanding and modifying the cognitive processes underlying unhealthy eating behaviour. She was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2017

    PhD (Psychology)
    Flinders University

  • 2012

    Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Hons)
    Flinders University

Achievements and Awards

  • 2018-2018

    Bridging Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Monash University

  • 2018-2018

    Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
    Flinders University

Current Roles

  • Research Scientist, Nutrition and Health

Professional Experiences

  • 2017-2019

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health
    Monash University

  • 2012-2017

    Research Assistant, School of Psychological Sciences
    Flinders University

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2020-2022

    Grants co-ordinator, Nutrition & Health Program