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Dr Craig Lindley

Senior Principal Research Scientist


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Craig Lindley works in the Computational Modelling team of CSIRO's Data61 business unit. He has recently been involved in the design and development of technology platforms for volumetric data management and process tracking, providing 3D visualisation, simulation, analytics, situation monitoring, diagnostics, alerting, and optimised rescheduling (applied in mining operations, mineral processing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations, and aerospace manufacturing).

His roles at CSIRO have included manager of the $50 million Data61 ICT laboratory in Hobart from 2012-2016, Research Director for Intelligent Sensing and Systems, Group Leader for Cognitive Systems, Team Leader for Cognitive Informatics, and Project Manager for numerous R&D projects.

Prior to this he has been a Professor and Research Leader at universities in Sweden, working with cognitive systems, AI, interactive 3D visualisation, simulation, human-machine interaction, and robotics. Before this, he initially worked in military software development as an RAAF Air Defence officer and software developer for radar tracking, command and control software systems development. He subsequently worked on the Australian Submarine Project, and has held senior research positions in Australia (CSIRO), Belgium (STARLAB NV/SA) and Sweden (The Interactive Institute, Uppsala and BTH). He has negotiated and led numerous collaborative research projects with industrial partners in aerospace, defence, ICT, mining and government.

Lindley has developed several rapid prototyping, robotics and psychophysiology laboratories, largely based upon additive and subtractive prototyping technologies and open source electronics systems. He has created and taught numerous undergraduate and masters degree courses in 3D systems development, interaction design, and rapid prototyping of novel devices and robotic systems.

Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence.
Interactive 3D Visualisation and Simulation.
Intelligent Aerospace Systems and Operations.
Intelligent Mining and Mineral Processing.
Industry 4.0.
Space 4.0.
Cognitive Manufacturing.
Asteroid Engineering.

Other Interests

Electronic Music Technologies, Analog and Digital Sound Production.
Photography and Filmmaking.
Organic Horticulture.

Current Roles

  • Scientist
    Computational Modelling of Industrial and Operational Systems

Academic Qualifications

  • 1997

    PhD. Thesis Title: A Behavioural Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Satellite Autonomy.
    School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

  • 2012

    Diploma in Molecular Science (i.e. Chemistry)
    The Open University, United Kingdom.

  • 1991

    MAppSc (Computing Science) by research thesis, Department of Computing Science. Thesis Title: The Knowledge Analyst's Assistant: A Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering Tool.
    University of Technology, Australia

  • 1992

    Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (i.e. Applied Physics).
    University of Central Queensland, Australia

  • 1989

    Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing.
    University of Central Queensland, Australia

  • 1982

    BA (Hons), Department of Philosophy.
    University of Adelaide, Australia

Professional Experiences

  • 2007-2012

    Professor, Research Leader, Game Systems and Interaction Research Laboratory.
    Blekinge Technical University (BTH)

  • 2004-2007

    University of Uppsala, Gotland Campus, Sweden.

  • 2001-2007

    Senior Researcher and Research Manager
    The Interactive Institute, Sweden.

  • 2000-2001

    Chief Scientist
    Starlab NV/A, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 1989-1989

    Principle Research Scientist
    CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Australia

  • 1988-1989

    Software Designer
    Wormald Technology International's Advanced Systems Engineering Group, Australia

  • 1984-1988

    Air Defence Officer
    RAAF, Australia


  • 2001-2013

    6 EU Framework 7 Research Project Grants, circa $4M Funding