Dr Rick Llewellyn

Group Leader, Integrated Agricultural Systems

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Rick Llewellyn is a farming systems scientist and Research Group Leader based at the Waite Campus in Adelaide. Rick’s research bridges farming systems field research, strategies for technology adoption and agricultural economics. The focus of his research is on the cropping and mixed farming regions of southern Australia where he leads a number of projects aimed at developing improved farming systems.

In addition to leading the development and delivery of the widely used tool ADOPT (www.csiro.au/ADOPT), projects he has led recently include a national grains industry study evaluating weed management costs to Australian grain growers; the national EverCrop project aimed at developing new perennial options for mixed farming systems and GRDC-funded cropping systems research involving weed management strategies and soil-specific management in the low rainfall zone. He currently leads projects that include developing virtual fencing technology for sheep for application in mixed farming systems and profitable management of grass weeds in low rainfall cropping systems.

He was awarded the CRC Future Farm Industries Chairman's Award in 2012 for his leadership of R&D on novel mixed farming options (EverCrop). He has recently co-supervised PhD graduates investigating opportunities for collaborative farming business models to improve farm productivity and approaches for increasing the adoption and benefits from conservation agriculture in smallholder farming systems. He has also worked in several ACIAR-supported projects including work in the Philippines and NE Thailand.

His other roles include scientific advisor on the Board of Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc. and the Grains Research and Development Corporation Regional Cropping Solutions Network (2012-2016) and GRDC Grains Weeds Advisory Committee 2016-).

Rick has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Adelaide and a PhD in agricultural economics from the University of Western Australia, where he also lectured in agricultural systems and worked with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative before joining CSIRO in 2005.

Current Roles

  • Project Leader
    Improved Mallee farming systems with stubble retention

  • Theme Leader
    Improved farming systems with stubbel retention (weed managment)

  • Project Leader
    Developing virtual fencing for sheep as a potential weed management tool

  • Adjunct
    University of Western Australia

Academic Qualifications

  • 1992

    Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Adelaide

  • 2002

    PhD (with Distinction). Faculty of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia

Professional Experiences

  • 2007--

    Specialist Director
    Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc

  • 2017--

    GRDC Grains Weeds Advisory Committee

  • 2012-2016

    GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions Network (Low Rainfall)

  • 2012-2013

    Expert Advisory Panel Member
    DAFF Carbon Farming Futures (Extension)

  • 2007-2008

    Program Committee (Chair)
    Australian Society of Agronomy

  • 2011-2012

    Herbicide Resistance Management Strategies report sub-committee
    Weed Science Society of America

  • 2004-2007

    Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group

Achievements and Awards

  • 2013

    American Applied and Agricultural Economics Association Selected Seminar
    Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society

  • 2011

    Chairman’s Award
    Future Farm Industries CRC

  • 2003

    Best PhD Research Prize
    Australian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society