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Dr David Miljak

Research Director


Dr Miljak is Research Program Director, Sensing and Sorting, Mineral Resources. He has almost 30 years experience in the application and use of radio frequency based technology. Since joining CSIRO in 1999, Dr Miljak has led development of microwave and radio frequency measurement systems for mineral and security industries. He pioneered the use of so called "zero-field" magnetic resonances for mineral sensing in mining applications, leading research teams towards the development of large scale, rapid and quantitative bulk mineral measurement systems. Applications include the on-conveyor measurement of primary ore streams, enabling sensor based sorting for step-change improvement in mining productivity and sustainability. He has been heavily involved in commercialisation of several technologies.

Dr Miljak has current responsibility for direction of research and commercial developments in radio frequency, x-ray and nuclear sensing methods for the mining industry.

Current Roles

  • Research Program Director
    Sensing and Sorting

Achievements and Awards

  • 2011

    Winner, Minerals and Energy Category
    Australian Innovation Challenge

  • 2016

    Science Achievement Award,
    Mineral Resources