Dr Karel Mokany

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Dr Karel Mokany develops and applies macroecological modelling approaches to improve our understanding of biodiversity patterns and dynamics, helping to ensure well informed biodiversity planning and management decisions.

Dr Mokany's research is focussed on providing information that is relevant for all biodiversity, not just a small number of iconic or well-studied species. He therefore approaches biodiversity modelling from a community-level perspective, examining patterns and changes in biodiversity across large regions with regard to all species that occur there.

Dr Mokany has pioneered approaches that harness information from both the community- and species-level. This includes development of semi-mechanistic (hybrid) biodiversity models that incorporate key ecological processes in predicting changes in biodiversity over space and time.

These modelling approaches have been applied to a variety of taxonomic groups and regions, having a demonstrated capacity to provide information on likely biodiversity outcomes under alternative scenarios of management actions and global change.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008

    PhD (Ecology) - The Australian National University

  • 2000

    BSc Hons (Environmental Science) - The University of New South Wales


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