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Dr Leorey Marquez

Senior Research Scientist, Digital Productivity

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Dr. Leorey Marquez is a Senior Research Scientist with the Digital Productivity Flagship at CSIRO, Australia’s federal research agency.  He has specialist expertise in mathematical modelling and land-use transport environment modelling and has developed numbers of software packages for such analysis, for example TOPAZ2000, LAIRDW  and STEAM (Spatial and Transport Emissions Assessment Module). Prior to joining the CSIRO in 1993, he lectured at the Department of Decision Sciences at the University of Hawaii for 6 years.  He received degrees in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of the Philippines and a Ph.D. in Communications and Information Science from the University of Hawaii. His areas of research include land use-transport-environment modelling, network optimisation, expert systems, and object-oriented analysis and design. He was responsible for modelling traffic congestion and population exposure to pollution in the BTRE-commissioned Study on GHG Abatement Measures for Urban Freight and also in the 1997 National Inquiry in Urban Air Quality. In 2015, Dr. Marquez was awarded a Balik-Scientist Grant to teach Simulation Modeling for Disaster Planning at the University of the Philippines College of Engineering.

Other Interests

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Academic Qualifications

  • 1992

    Ph.D. (Communication and Information Science) University of Hawaii

  • 1987

    M.S. (Information and Computer Science) University of Hawaii

  • 1979

    B.S. (Statistics) University of the Philippines

  • 1982

    M.S. (Mathematics) University of the Philippines

Professional Experiences

  • 1993-Pres

    Research Scientist, CSIRO

  • 1987-1992

    Instructor, Dept of Decision Sciences, Univ. of Hawaii

  • 1979-1984

    Asst Prof, Dept of Mathematics, Univ. of the Philippines

Achievements and Awards

  • July 2014

    Finalist, IFORS 2014 Prize for OR in Development

  • June 2013

    Teamwork Achievement Award – CMIS Awards 2013

  • July 2009

    Look Out !!! – CMIS Awards 2009

  • July 2009

    Service From Science – CMIS Awards 2009

  • Dec 2000

    CSIRO Chairman’s Medal for the “Low Energy Vehicle Project”

  • Sep 1995

    Best Paper Award for “A Study of Urban Residential Density vs. Transport Energy Consumption”
    Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)

Other highlights

  • 2009

    Convenor, 4th Meeting of the Wine Supply Chain Council (WSCC), 13-16 January 2009, Melbourne Australia

  • 2004

    Convenor and Chair, 26th Conference of Australian Institutes of Transport Research (CAITR 2004), 8-10 December 2004, Melbourne Australia

  • 1984-1987

    East-West Center Degree Scholarship, Univ. of Hawaii