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Dr McInerney is an ecosystem ecologist with principal interests in the fields of trophic ecology, freshwater community ecology, biological invasions and, biological responses to climate change. Dr McInerney’s research focus areas include freshwater food webs, how energy flow in ecosystems may be influenced by biotic and abiotic disturbances or by anthropogenic interventions, and how invasive species modify structure and function within freshwater ecosystems. Dr McInerney is interested in the responses of basal resources to altered ecosystem conditions and how such changes can influence trophic pathways, efficiency, and productivity of higher consumers. Dr McInerney is experienced in both basic and field-based applied ecology and contributes to large-scale basin-wide research programmes along with targeted international research initiatives. Dr McInerney maintains a broad professional network and is well connected among government stakeholders, academics and researchers within the research sector and with international non-government organisations. Dr McInerney works collaboratively with other scientists and the government to produce high-quality peer reviewed research that remains useful, relevant and interpretable to natural resource managers.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2017

    La Trobe University

  • 2000

    Bachelor of Science (Hons, 1st Class)
    La Trobe University

  • 1999

    Bachelor of Science
    Monash University