Dr Sarina Macfadyen

Team Leader

Contact details:

  • GPO BOX 1700


Dr Macfadyen joined what was then known as CSIRO Entomology as a research scientist in 2008 focusing on research relating to the spatial ecology and management of invertebrate pests and natural enemy complexes in agricultural landscapes.

Prior to moving to Canberra she was based in the United Kingdom (UK) for three years at the University of Bristol working on a project investigating food webs in organic and conventional farming systems. This project showed that whilst organic farms in the region had greater diversity, and this translated into differences in network structure, there was no increase in the provision of natural pest control services on organic farms.

She was based in Brisbane prior to her move to the UK where she conducted laboratory studies on Helicoverpa spp. neonate foraging behaviour at the University of Queensland. These moths are serious pests of multiple crops within Australia and the research project was aimed at understanding how the very young larvae utilize silk extruded from their abdomen as they move around the plants.

Her PhD research focused on the use of naturally occurring arthropod predators for the control of Helicoverpa spp. in grain crops in southeast Queensland.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    Doctor of Philosophy
    The University of Queensland, Australia.


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