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Dr Seona Meharg


Integration Scientist


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GPO BOX 1700


Dr Seona Meharg is an interdisciplinary social scientist researching how individuals and organisations learn and change, specifically asking what enables individuals and groups to take up ownership of knowledge, tools, and processes for more informed decision-making in complex domains such as climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction and health.

Seona’s research addresses the vital challenge of implementation, asking why even with the necessary information, people do not act. In addition, her research measures the impact of how changes in behaviour and knowledge lead to improved decisions and actions.

Other Interests

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Current Roles

  • Member of HB#5
    Homeward Bound Leadership Program

Academic Qualifications

  • 2020

    Doctor of Philosophy
    Australian National University

  • 2010

    Master of Science (Communication)
    Australian National University

  • 2003

    Master of Environmental Law, Management and Business
    Australian National University

  • 1999

    B. Science
    Australian National University

  • 1999

    B. Commerce
    Australian National University

Professional Experiences

  • Jan 2012-March 2013

    Program Manager, International Adaptation Strategies Team - Pacific Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning
    Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

  • July 2007-Jan 2012

    Theme Manager, Sustainable Cities and Coasts – Climate Adaptation Flagship

  • Jun 2006-Jun 2007

    Student Coordinator, Research School of Chemistry
    Australian National Univeristy

  • Jan 2004-Dec 2005

    Development Manager
    Urban Institute Ireland, UCD

  • 2012-2015

    DFAT-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

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