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Dr Therese McBeath

Research Scientist


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Therese is a Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader with the CSIRO Agriculture and Food Systems Program at Waite Campus, Adelaide. She has expertise in soil and crop management and works on a range of largely industry funded projects that test strategies to improve productivity and profit-risk outcomes for growers across Australia's cropping regions.

Current Roles

  • Project Lead
    Increasing Production on Sandy Soils in Low and Medium Rainfall Areas of the Southern Region

  • Project Lead
    Understanding Constraints to Crop Profit on Highly Calcareous Soil

  • Researcher
    Maximising the Uptake of Phosphorus by Crops to Optimise Profit in Southern Australia

  • Researcher
    Integrating Long Coleoptile Wheat into Australian Farming Systems

Academic Qualifications

  • 2006

    Doctor of Philosophy

  • 2000

    Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Achievements and Awards

  • 2008

    GRDC Young Scientists and Innovators Award

  • 2013

    Impact from Science Medal

  • 2017

    Emerging Leader Award

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