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Dr. Jordi (Joost) Nelis obtained a BSc. in general Biology at the University of Antwerp in Belgium and a MSc. in Biotechnology specializing in Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry. He later joined a H2020 Marie Curie project for his PhD in analytical biochemistry at Queen's University Belfast (UK). During his PhD Jordi developed various smartphone-hyphenated biosensors for the detection of food contaminants utilizing electrochemical, colorimetric and plasmonic transducers. Jordi is currently combining his expertise in mass spectrometry and biosensor development to develop on-the-spot diagnostics for food allergen detection as a R+ postdoctoral researcher at CSIRO. Jordi also actively contributes to other biosensor and proteomics projects aiming to increase livestock profitability and productivity. Jordi has authored more then 10 scientific publications on smartphone based sensing in high-impact factor journals and has written various opinion pieces for tech and science media platforms an news letters. Jordi also led the development of the first online biosensor database for food contaminant detection (