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Mr Lachlan O'Neil

Data Scientist & Team Leader Energy Data Sciences


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Lachlan O'Neil is a data scientist, statistician, team leader, and project manager within CSIRO's Energy Systems program. 'From farm to plate', Lachlan's work starts at stages as early as survey design and data collection, right through to the delivery of in-depth analyses with a strong focus on data visualisation for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Since starting in November 2016 as part of CSIRO's undergraduate vacation scholarship program, Lachlan's time has been spent researching the residential energy space. A key component of his research has been the consolidation of demographic, built environment, appliance uptake and usage, weather and metered energy data - each often with their own geographic and time series properties to consider.

Lachlan's work has seen him collaborate and deliver for many stakeholders including the Australian Energy Regulator, South Australian Power Networks, Energy Queensland Limited, Horizon Power and Tesla. Most recently Lachlan has lead several projects as part of the National Energy Analytics Research (NEAR) Program, working closely with the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Lachlan's unique multifaceted understanding of residential energy has also allowed him to contribute to high profile releases including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's electricity supply & prices inquiry final report (2018).

As for the origin story - Lachlan completed a Combined Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Mathematics, where he majored in statistics at the University of Newcastle. During this time he tutored university introductory programming, programmable logic design and introductory engineering practice as well as high school mathematics. This experience drove him to continually seek simple explanations to complex scenarios, an area where visualisations proved hugely important. Throughout the degree he also picked up experience in electrical engineering, FPGA design, software engineering, telecommunications design, mathematical modelling, statistics and data science.

As fate would have it, Lachlan's time in the energy sector actually started back in his gap year between high school and university. It's in this year he picked up a role at Essential Energy in his home town of Port Macquarie. A sector choice that he would ultimately come back to 5 years later.

Other Interests

Sports - I play soccer on the weekend and follow soccer, AFL, NRL and cricket when I get the time!

Video Games - I grew up playing the Sega Mega-Drive with my brothers and fell in love with my N64 one Christmas (I still have it setup in my lounge room today!) These days I spend my time trying to juggle time between the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC!

Board Games - It's nice to get away from screens, and regular board games sessions give me a chance to flex my brain whilst giving my eyes a bit of a rest!

Cats - I own two cats, ask for pictures at your own risk!

Achievements and Awards

  • Nov 2018-Nov 2018

    CSIRO Collaboration Award

Current Roles

  • Team Leader Energy Data Sciences
    Lachlan leads a team of CSIRO data scientists who dedicate their time to researching some of the nation's biggest residential and commercial energy challenges.

  • Energy Data Statistician
    Working on the collection and analysis of household metered energy data, demographics, building characteristics and weather.

  • Advisory Board Member Enlit Australia 2021
    The Enlit Australia Advisory Board guides the strategic direction of the Content Program. The members identify the essential trends, topics, speakers and formats for both the Summit and the Knowledge Theatres, as well as Initiate!

Academic Qualifications

  • 2017

    Bachelor of Mathematics (Major in Statistics) with Distinction
    University of Newcastle

  • 2017

    Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) (Honours) with Honours Class I
    University of Newcastle

Professional Experiences

  • Mar 2020-Present

    Team Leader Energy Data Sciences

  • Dec 2018-Present

    Data Scientist

  • Dec 2017-Nov 2018

    Energy Data Statistician

  • Mar 2017-Nov 2017

    Casual Data Scientist
    Working with household surveying data and metered energy data to deliver new insights linking usage to individual household characteristics.

  • Aug 2014-Nov 2017

    Lecturer and Tutor/Lab Demonstrator
    University of Newcastle

  • Nov 2016-Feb 2017

    Student Vacation Scholarship

  • Nov 2012-Oct 2015

    Mathematics Tutor
    Hunter Mobile Tutoring

  • Jan 2011-Feb 2012

    Low Voltage Data Capture Officer
    Essential Energy

Other highlights

  • Nov 2019-Nov 2020

    Science Meets Parliament 2019