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Terry O’Kane is currently principal research scientist in the Climate Science Centre at CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, Hobart. He has led the Climate Forecasting team (formerly the ocean modelling team) since 2016, and leads the data assimilation and modelling activity of the CSIRO decadal prediction project. Terry was previously project leader of the National Environmental Science Program Earth System Climate Change Hub project “Towards an ACCESS Decadal Prediction System”. Together with Prof. Adam Scaife (UK Met Office), Terry is co-chair of the committee for the World Climate Research Program Grand Challenge for Near Term Climate Forecasting.

Between 2013-2016 Terry was an ARC Future Fellow at the Full Professor level. He has or holds adjunct positions in mathematics (Professor) and marine and antarctic science (Senior Research Fellow) at the University of Tasmania and with the ARC Centre for Climate Extremes (CLEX). Prior to joining CSIRO, Terry was ensemble prediction scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology where he implemented the Australian Global and Regional Ensemble Prediction System adapted from the UK Met Office MOGREPS system. With Dr. Jorgen Frederiksen (CSIRO), he has published extensively on the statistical mechanics and dynamics of geophysical flows, for which he was awarded the 2013 JH Michell Medal, of the Australian Mathematical Society (Applied Mathematics)

Terry's recent work has focussed on the development of the Climate re-Analysis and Forecast Ensemble (CAFE) system at CSIRO Completed in early 2020, the CSIRO CAFE system is currently the first and only operational climate forecasting in the Southern Hemisphere

Other Interests

traditional archery and fly fishing

Current Roles

  • Team Leader
    Climate Forecasting

Academic Qualifications

  • 1997

    BSc(Hons) 1st class H1A (Pure & Applied Mathematics)
    LaTrobe University

  • 1999

    MSc(by research) 1st class H1A (Theoretical Physics)
    The University of Melbourne

  • 2003

    PhD (Applied Mathematics)
    Monash University

Professional Experiences

  • 2003-2006

    Emerging Science Postdoctoral Fellow

  • 2006-2007

    Research Fellow

  • 2007-2009

    Ensemble Prediction Scientist
    Bureau of Meteorology

  • 2009-2011

    Research Scientist

  • 2010-2013

    Senior Research Scientist

  • 2013-2016

    Australian Research Council Future Fellow

Achievements and Awards

  • 2013-2016

    ARC Future Fellow
    Australian Research Council

  • 2014-2018

    Adjunct Professor - mathematics
    University of Tasmania

  • 2014-present

    Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

  • 2013-2013

    JH Michell Medal
    Australian Mathematics Society

Other highlights

  • 1999-present

    A continuing career highlight has been working with Dr Jorgen Frederiksen on trying to understand geophysical fluids.

  • 2nd October 2019-4th October 2019

    Panelist: Intelligence Amplified: D61+ LIVE 2019: Big Ideas Stage: AI for environmental and social good:

  • 3rd December 2019 -6th December 2019

    Keynote speaker: 63nd Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, Monash University

  • 14th August 2017-18th August 2017

    Invited speaker: Turbulent Mixing and Beyond, Sixth International Conference Tenth Anniversary Program, 14-18 August, 2017 the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Strada Costiera 11, Trieste, Italy

  • 2o November 2016-26 November 2016

    Invited lecturer: Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach seminar series, Oberwolfach, Germany, November 20-26, 2016 “Different mathematical perspectives on description of unresolved scales in multiscale systems” with (R. Klein, C. Hartmann & I. Horenko)

  • 2nd Feb 2014-6th Feb 2014

    Plenary Speaker: Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM) Conference 2014, 2nd-6th February, Rotorua, New Zealand


  • 2016-2018

    NESP ESCC Project 2.3 Towards an ACCESS decadal prediction system

  • 2013-2016

    ARC Future Fellow: The stability and predictability of the Southern-Hemisphere coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system

  • 2015-2016

    CSIRO Complex Systems Science Travel Grant

  • 2018-2020

    eResearch collaboration project (x2): Inhomogeneous turbulence closures on GPUs for application to problems in climate modelling

  • 2003-present

    Multiple Emerging Science, ACE CRC, OCE, ResearchPlus, Antarctic Gateway, MLAI FSP postdoctoral and research fellow grants

Community and Corporate Citizenship

  • 2018-present

    World Climate Research Program (WCRP) Grand Challenge Committee - Near Term Climate Prediction (co-chair since 2020)

  • 2019-present

    WCRP Decadal Prediction Committee

  • 2019-2021

    assessment panels for the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS)

  • 2018-present

    O&A High Performance Computing committee

  • 2020-2020

    assessment panels for the Australian Leadership Computing Grants (ALCG) scheme

  • 2020-present

    CSIRO Research Integrity Adviser

  • 2019-present

    CSIRO Career Mentor