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Dr Dean Paini

Principal Research Scientist


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Dr Paini leads an interdisciplinary consortium (DiNeMo - focused on modelling human movement and the spread of infectious diseases. DiNeMo is a multi-award winning, multi-institution team of researchers with a range of experience, which inlcudes infectious diseases, statistics, computer science, applied mathematics, AI, ecology, and operations research. Such a diverse wealth of expertise and experience enables and facilitates novel solutions to the many data and epidemiological questions that emerge.

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Current Roles

  • Group Leader and Principal Research Scientist
    C-BUG (Cross Business Unit Group)

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    University of Western Australia

  • 1997

    B. Sc. (Hons)
    University College Dublin

Other highlights

  • 2018-

    Keynote speaker, International Plant Resistance to Insect Symposium, UK

  • 2017-

    Keynote speaker, Science Protecting Plant Health, Australia

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, One Health Conference, Australia

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, International Congress of Entomology, USA

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, James Cook University, Australia

  • 2015-

    B3 Science Partnership Forum, Lincoln University, New Zealand

  • 2013-

    Scientific Committee and Session Organizer, International Congress of Biological Invasions, Quindao, China

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