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Dr Dean Paini

Principal Research Scientist


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Dr Paini has more than 20 years experience researching invasive species. Currently, he leads an interdisciplinary group (Pest Management Systems) focused on biosecurity (both animal and plant). The work this group explores is diverse but includes adaptive management for invasive species, new technologies for pest detection and management, risk analysis, distribution modelling, pest ecology, and digital agriculture.

Dr Paini also co-founded and led a consortium (DiNeMo - focused on modelling human movement and the spread of infectious diseases. DiNeMo is a multi-award winning, multi-institution team of researchers with a range of experience, including infectious diseases, statistics, computer science, applied mathematics, AI, ecology, and operations research. Such a diverse wealth of expertise and experience has enabled and facilitated novel solutions to the many data and epidemiological questions that emerge.

Current Roles

  • Principal Research Scientist and Group Leader (Pest Management Systems)
    Health and Biosecurity, Biosecurity Program

Academic Qualifications

  • 2004

    University of Western Australia

  • 1997

    B. Sc. (Hons)
    University College Dublin

Other highlights

  • 2018-

    Keynote speaker, International Plant Resistance to Insect Symposium, UK

  • 2017-

    Keynote speaker, Science Protecting Plant Health, Australia

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, One Health Conference, Australia

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, International Congress of Entomology, USA

  • 2016-

    Invited speaker, James Cook University, Australia

  • 2015-

    B3 Science Partnership Forum, Lincoln University, New Zealand

  • 2013-

    Scientific Committee and Session Organizer, International Congress of Biological Invasions, Quindao, China

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